So when I finished my outlines for the long trilogy I’m writing for November, there still remained a lot to be done. Hardly any of the characters were named, and I refuse to write something 600,000 words long and continue to use “unnamed nobleman” for the whole thing. So I sat down late last night. Now I’ve got a map of the capital city (click to embiggen), all of the important noble families named and family-tree-ed (at least to the extent I need them to be), and I’m working on finishing up the description of my pastoralist terrorist group, which is progressing nicely to the point of me tweaking the outline a little to give them a slightly bigger role (okay, they do plenty of nasty stuff as is, but now they’ll actually have a name and a face to go with them). I feel like I’m making progress, but then I realize how much more work I’ve got to do: I’ve got two more continents and cultures to flesh out, my squid aliens to give some identity to, the ancient humanoids have to have a culture (and names and stuff), as do the Earth humans.  Plus, I’m not done my outlines for the rest of my projects, let alone fleshed them out.

Of course, this all speaks to a certain common theme in me: I’m an inherent procrastinator. The less time I have to do something, the more diligently I’ll actually set about doing it. I just can’t make myself really set into a project when I know I’ve still got a month to get all the planning done. I’m fairly sure this is a big character flaw, but I don’t think it’s a terribly rare one.  Maybe by the end of tomorrow, I’ll have got all three continents’ cultures dealt with and can move on to the myriad other ones. (Of course, first I’ll have to name the other two continents!)


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