A Short One

While I write this, I’m watching the Eagles (go Eagles!) winning, so I’m in a fairly good mood. Annoyed at not being as far in my planning as I should/could be, but there’s even good news on that front.

Firstly, I’ve actually decided the projects that I’m going to be working on this November, even if they’re not outlined yet. I think they’re a fair mix of what I could do, but we’ll see how they all pan out. All I was missing, as of when I went downstairs to watch TV last night, was a 50k piece. I got a few ideas over the course of the three hours of TV (none of them related to the actual plot, though), and when I came back up, I started outlining. At about 2 this morning, I finished the outline and now have a 50,000 word piece planned, which brings my total words-planned-and-outlined to 650,000. 3 other projects will take up the remaining 350,000.

I got a reply today from someone who I had sent one of my existing projects on, pre-Nano (actually an ’06 project), for critique, someone on the NaNo site. It was a fairly critical review (and if you’re reading this, you know who you are, this isn’t a bad thing in my eyes), and pointed out some fairly enduring problems with that project, but things that I’ve also been criticized for in the past. Too many of my stories end up existing in a white box, that is, settings are poorly defined/described, and you could imagine the whole thing taking place in a white box. Characterization is a less enduring problem, but it’s still something I’ve heard in the past, and in this particular project, I was never completely confident about it (I always thought its strong points were the concept and the plot, for which I didn’t really get criticized by this reviewer). I’m not perfect, know perfectly well that I may never be, but I’ll take these comments to heart, put that project to the side, and after November is over, attack it once more to see how good I can make it. Thank you.


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