This Is How It All Ends (Status Update)

Well, today I finally finished the outlines for the trilogy that’s going to make up the first 600k of this endeavor. It’s as bad as it sounds. It’s nominally science fiction, but has turned out to largely be my explorations in how to kill off as many sentient species in as logical and interconnected method, over millenia, as I possibly can. And worse, I think I might actually work out to be an interesting read, though I can tell that it’s not the kind of thing that one first sells in one’s writing career; there’s plots here and there, but this is probably as dangerously close to literary fiction as I’m ever likely to get (I’m just not deep enough for lit-fic, I don’t think).

Next up to begin to think about and then outline is a fantasy standalone about a princess choosing her husband. In my mind, it’s going to be funny and stuff, as well as being a little political (hey, I majored in political science; I’ve got to put my degree to some use now and then), but my suspicion is that in both the outline and the execution of the writing, it’ll be a lot less funny. I’m not funny enough for humor, and I tend to find deliberate humor in fantasy off-putting unless very well down.

Still undecided on the third project, but still got the Princess story to develop first.

On another note, it’s been great to get back onto the NaNo forums. Relaunch is something that I look forward to every year, and this has been the best yet; in all the time that I’ve spent there, only today was it even slightly slow/down, and even then not for very long. Kudos to the whole NaNo team, you make these couple of months the most fun ones of the year! It’s been great getting to see old faces and trying to make some new friends along the way too. I’m better with people online than I am in person, so this is a great avenue for me.

And kudos to those who are joining the overachiever’s club this year, and to the ones who are going to attempt the million alongside me. I know that we’ll all have a blast doing it, as long as we keep in mind that we only get one set of hands/wrists/arms/shoulders! It’s not so much the destination (i.e. the wordcount goal) as what you get out of it on the journey there over the 30 days of NaNo.

Finally, good luck and have fun to everyone doing it this year. Whether it’s your first year, 8th year, never-won-yet-but-still-trying year, it’s under your skin now, isn’t it? Could you really, really not participate? (Major Life Events aside, of course).

Hope everyone’s novel plotting (or not!) is going well. Probably next update when I’ve got the princess thing figured out.


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