And So It Begins

Well, the new NaNoWriMo forums are up and the writing season has begun again in earnest. It reminds me how badly I need to get my outlines finished and prepare myself mentally for the stress that I know comes along with writing so much in such a short period of time. (I just wish I wasn’t having to do it while living at home. At once, I suddenly sympathize with all the high school NaNoers I’ve been alongside who’ve had to do this)

My outlines are nowhere near finished, and I was hoping to have the bulk of them finished by this point so I could get on with really fleshing out my world(s), but as usual, it seems that I’m going to be hanging on for the ride as the months progress.

In an interesting side-note, when I was watching tv with the parents the other day, and we were discussing my lack of finding a job, they brought up how I should become a published author, which I must say surprised me, given that they’ve really given no credence to anything I’ve written (though, granted, they’ve never read anything). Still, it gave me something of a warm fuzzy feeling. I’ve not sent out anything in months, though depending on how well outlining and job-hunting go this month, I might specially take out time to work on (what I feel is) my most promising novel to send out for agent-ship. We’ll see.

In any case, I’m just enjoying being back up on brand-new, shiny NaNo forums.



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2 responses to “And So It Begins

  1. Okay, about that NaNoWrimo… šŸ˜€ I saw that you won for a few years in row, wich I think it’s great! I’m a beginner, this is my first time to participate. I made an accound on NaNo page, could you pls tell me what’s my next steap?

  2. Incandescent

    I was tempted to take a screenshot of the Overachievers thread, because I think it’s the only time I’ve ever seen your wordcount bar NOT full.

    Continue to make me jealous, please? I’ve found that rampant jealousy and self-doubt are the only things that can put my pen to paper.

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