Nano 2009

Wow, I guess it’s been a couple of months since I’ve updated this thing. Unfortunately, because there’s very little of interest to report. I’ve been living at home with the parents, bargaining cooking for room and board, since I graduated. Went on vacation up to the Adirondacks a couple months back, which was cool. Still very much actively in the process of looking for a job, but you’d be surprised how little a political science major actually has the applicable skills for (or maybe you wouldn’t be). Anyway, there’s little that’s changed on the home front, except that my desperation levels to move out have peaked as Nano draws closer.

Why? Well, because in my house, things have to get done at certain times. For example, eating dinner at 9pm is out. We eat at “sensible” times, and then there is evening TV which I look a little weird if I always opt out of. The rigidity of this schedule was a contributor to me not doing nearly as well in JulNo as I had planned, and makes me fear for the success of my NaNo this year. Last year, I would eat whenever it occurred to me to eat, not at any definite time. I didn’t have to constantly answer questions from my mom/dad/brother “Kate, why won’t you ever come out of you room?”. At this point, it’s starting to look less and less likely as if I’ll make it out in time, but I’ll hold out hope. (Of course, what this will mean, naturally, is that I’ll be moving in/out on November 1st and get off to a lousy start, but beggars can’t be choosers).

Planned for this Nano are three(ish) projects. One sci-fi-ish, two fantasy. In theory, the projected word count is a million. I barely scratched by last November, but we’ll see how things go. I also got a new idea sitting around watching tv tonight, but I think the logistical plotting will take longer than the month I have if I actually want the end product to make some sort of sense (and that’s always my Nano goal).

As Nano approaches, and during Nano, I’ll try to make updates more regular (though I don’t actually know if anyone reads this thing, but oh well.)



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2 responses to “Nano 2009

  1. Leila

    Someone IS reading your blog and I look regularily for updates 😉
    Nice to hear, you are aiming for a million this year.


  2. Joe Union

    Hey, I read your blog also. I also vacation in the Adirondacks, even though it has been three years since I have been there (and on a vacation). It is a beautiful place.

    Best of luck on Nano this year. I know you will hit a million.

    -Joe Union.

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