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For the record, I hate packing. Particulary after two years of crap has piled itself up. One wouldn’t imagine that such a tiny apartment could accumulate *quite* so much crap. You’d be surprised. I haven’t even really got started on it yet. Dad came round to pick up the first set of stuff. Tomorrow will probably be most of the books (I’ve left out a couple so I won’t get bored out of my mind), and I’m going round to the secondhand bookstore tomorrow to drop more off there – there are some coursebooks that I really don’t see the value in keeping anyway, so I might as well make a couple dollars off them. I also need to get my clothes washed so I have something to wear when I get home and don’t look like a total slob.  And, as mentioned above, I need to sort out all the three trillion pieces of paper and decide which (a) need to be kept, (b) which can be chucked, and (c) which need to be chucked but contain personal info so need to be taken home to be shredded. Then, finally, there are the million odds and ends that don’t quite fit into any category but need to be kept anyway and places to pack them need to be found.

On the other hand, a few stressors have been relieved. Electricity is going to be shut off “sometime” in the PM on Saturday. Internet/cable/phone gets shut off from the outside and I just have to return the modem and converter box to some place by 5pm on Saturday (this of course could conflict because of above electric guy). As for gas, I’m not sure, but when I called them to try to hurry things up, I spent ten minutes walking through an automated menu to be told that the shutoff request is “pending”, and god only knows what that means. Hopefully, that they’ll show up on the date I really need them to show up. I’m not going to have the *keys* to get in after this weekend, so they’ll hardly be able to get in.  In other good news, I can hand in my keys at any time over the weekend, so I don’t have to rush my ass out of the place by 2pm Saturday. I could even feasibly sleepover Saturday night, though I’d be without electricity. We’ll have to see how the packing and carting-shit-home goes. Dad’s new truck doesn’t have as much crap-space as did the old minivan, so mother’s car may have to be enlisted, or multiple trips…I see the whole thing being a time of woe as it is.

The only thing I try to reassure myself with – though it is scant reassurance – is that come Monday, it will all be over, all my utilities will be shut off, final bills forwarded to home-home, and I can get on with being the unemployed-college-graduate-bum-who-still-lives-with-her-parents.


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The End of All Things

Okay, so I sort of reneged on aforementioned vow to try and update once a week. But my life has been understandably busy and so I plead that. Not a good excuse, but it’s all that’s going to be offered.

I am now officially a graduate, and I managed to pass all of my classes. So that’s a good thing.

I have no job yet, despite my looking. So that’s a bad thing.

My lease runs out at the end of the month, and because I can’t really justify my parents continuing to subsidize me here when their home has a perfectly open bedroom, I’m moving back home with them. Hopefully for a very short period of time, but there’s no real way to know that kind of thing, with the economy as it is. But I would really rather be gone by the end of the summer, if that’s at all possible. I’ll just cross my fingers.

I’ll still be slightly stressed until I’m actually home, because I’ve got to have all my various services turned off and find a way to return my keys to the leasers when I’m not sure they’ll still be open on Saturday when I am actually ready to leave (because, for example, my electricity guy is coming “sometime in the PM” on Saturday, and the leasing office closes at 2 on Saturdays). I’m going to go and talk to them eventually. And by eventually, I mean probably Tuesday because who the hell knew that Monday was Memorial Day???

It’ll be sad losing this independence. I’ve lived here for the past two years, the longest I’ve lived in a single place alone. It’s become my home. In fact, despite the fact that my parents pay the bills, my name and not theirs is on the lease, not even as co-signers, and so this *is* my first home. And in just over a week, it will no longer be mine. I’ll be back to my childhood bedroom. (*sigh*)

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