Papers and bread and the upcoming dread

By Thursday, I need a coherent 8-ish page paper. By Saturday/Sunday, I need a second coherent 8-ish paper. On totally different subjects, so none of the research I use for one can feasibly used for the other, which is a pain. Plus I have to make 10-15 minute presentation on the first paper next Tuesday, and a presentation of similar length on the second next Wednesday. The next week is going to be grueling, but I can handle it. What makes it worse is the Russian I’ve got to do as well, which takes horrendous amounts of time, but really does need to be done just as much as the papers do. Fortunately, my fourth class only has a final on the 4th, so it’s happily taking the backburner at least until next Wednesday. Oh, and did I mention that those two papers up there will need to be expanded to 20-25 page papers for May 6th and May 12th respectively.  But at 4:30 on May 12th, I will finally be done. I don’t know what I’ll do with myself.

I learned how to make bread last night. As with everything you do the first time, I did a couple of minorly stupid things. I don’t think it actually affected the finished product, but I’ll know what to do differently next time. I’m also starting to think about what kinds of things I can cook when I go back to live at home (*sigh*) which I will actually enjoy more, because I’ve got a far less stringent budget to work with there. Money’s always really damn tight here.

And in just under a month, I will be a college graduate. I will have finished at least the first part of my higher education (I don’t know if I’ll be going any further, that depends on a ton of other variables). But at the very least, it will be the close of another highly significant chapter of my life, and I don’t quite know how I feel about that. It was easy to think when I was a freshman that this would more or less last forever, or at least that I still had a long time to go. Now I don’t. Maybe sometime soon I’ll make some reflections about the past four years, but not now. I’ll wait until I actually have the diploma in my hand before I do anything like that. Not that I don’t think I’m going to graduate. At this point, I’m 99.9% sure I am, having gone and met all the requisite people, so unless I’ve missed something ridiculously crucial, we’re good on that front.

Writing has been put on hold for a while. If I’m busy writing two papers, I can’t really focus too much on that. There’ll be plenty of time for it this summer when I am sitting at home trying to find a job. On the other hand, I entered the Knight Agency contest and I’ll find out if I won by the first of May, which on one hand would be *hugely* thrilling, but on the other, it’s right in the middle of when I’m doing a zillion other things and I know that my priorities are skewed in the direction of the writing over the papers. But let’s face it. What are the odds of winning? I’m not going to cross my fingers.


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  1. Hi Kate,

    Just randomly dropping in…came from NaNo, which I just recently signed up for. I can attest to the anxiousness right before graduation; I was in your exact shoes this time last year. I overcompensated in every class to make sure that I wouldn’t fail, by some freak. They were all relatively easy classes though so I should not have been worried. I inadvertently ended up with all A’s.

    Book writing in the summer, my thoughts exactly!

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