I’m going to graduate?!?!

So, despite the fact that I am set to graduate in about six weeks, I had yet to see the department of my major (political science) to talk to someone to actually determine if I COULD graduate. Yes, I’m lazy and a procrastinator. Which part of that is supposed to surprise anyone who actually knows me? Oh, sure, I’m good at getting things in on time under time pressure (see below regarding my paper proposal that I was allowed an extension for but worked my ass off to get in on time), but when it comes to things like this, I tend to put them off for a number of reasons. Good news, though: I *can* actually graduate, but what the woman actually said was that I was good to graduate as far as my major was concerned, but that she couldn’t say anything about whether I’d finished adequately all my gen eds, and advised me to make an appointment with the College Advising staff to check up on that. I trudged out, made an appointment for later that day (I’m a tad obsessional when it gets down to it, so I figured the sooner the better), and spent half an hour waiting for an appointment that took roughly a minute and a half to say that yes, I was going to graduate. So, all good news!

I think I’m finally starting to come to terms with the fact that I’m graduating. In just two short months, I will no longer have this apartment. Most likely, given how the job hunt is going, I’ll be back at home with the family, as much as I don’t really like the idea. But I can’t really justify them paying for an apartment when there is a perfectly good bed sitting at home. Just makes the job hunt that more urgent. No luck on that front, but I persist.


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