So I made lasagna last night. Problems cropped up from the get-go, and proceeded to happily snowball from there. Okay, I exaggerate mildly. But because my pot is evidently not big enough for a pound of ground beef, I obviously had to chuck some in the trash if I didn’t want a bubbly hot mess all over the stove-top (because it’s soooooooo clean *eyeroll*). So that meant that when I was actually *making* the lasagna, I ran out of mixture. Having never made lasagna before, I figured that it was fine to just leave the last layer of pasta uncovered; what was the worst that could happen? For those of you who haven’t made lasagna before either, here’s the answer: it’s not a good idea. Don’t do it. Wasn’t tremendous disaster, but disaster enough worth mentioning. Hoping the food will last me a couple of days.

Going to be fiendishly busy over the weekend, unfortunately. I really need to sink my teeth into research for my two papers I have to write this semester, plus I need to catch up on my Russian essays, which is a nightmare I’m almost afraid to face, but will for the sake of my pride. They’ll be a disaster, of course, but that’s what taking a class pass/fail is for.  I’m sure there are other things that need doing, but I don’t want to overwhelm myself, so I’ll just stick to three ginormous things to do over the weekend. Odds are, I’ll be lucky if I get one of them done. I know perfectly well how awful of a procrastinator I am.

I have come to the realization that I have written about 30,000 words in the past 16 days. None of it’s anything that can ever be used for anything productive, but it’s been fairly fun doing the writing itself.  I know I should be doing more productive things writing-wise; i.e. making a final decision regarding the Eden story about whether I truly want it in third or first and getting a move on with the Bloody Destiny rewrite, but the silly stuff is easier to sit down and write for great lengths of time. Perhaps I’ll put that on my imaginary to-do list.

You know, I think my life, at least lately, is like the lasagna I made. Little, insignificant issues at the beginning, play a huge role in the outcome. But they’re minor disasters, and in their own way, minor disasters are just as much fun as the successes.


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