A Book, a Splinter, And Other Pleasantries

I finished reading a book about an hour ago; American Saviour: A Novel of Divine Politics, by Roland Merullo. Hilarious and sad at the same time. It’s an amusing little insight into American politics, when Jesus himself comes back to run for president of the United States, told from the perspective of a reporter who ends up being one of the crucial figures in Jesus’s campaign. There’s a little spirituality in there, but it’s not laid on all that heavily, and it turns out that Jesus’s christianity is a bit different from what modern day mainstream Christians believe, which is fun. Overall, I would highly recommend the book to anyone who enjoys political satire. Here’s a game to play while you read it: nearly all of the important figures in the book outside of the campaign itself are mirrors of real people in the world. Some, I found, were harder to guess than others, but it’s an amusing little exercise. My personal favorite? Popopoffolous, hands down. Bittersweet, but sensible, ending.

I went home a little while ago, in order to get my learner’s permit, which was a success, hurrah. While there, I acquired a splinter of some sort on the sole of my foot. No luck in getting it out, just unpleasasnt pain. I poke at it every once in a while, but I think I might just be making things worse. Sooner or later, it’ll work its way out or dissolve, but I fear that I am sentenced to pain until then.

Not been doing all that much writing, except a silly little smut piece that I’m writing for my own pleasure. But I’ve been busy, too; I had a paper proposal due, as mentioned; it was given back on Tuesday and I got a B+. Far more than I deserved, but the hard work is just beginning. Still have to *write* the damn paper. Had another paper due at noon today, so that’s what I’ve been working my ass off on lately.

Broke again. I’ll pretend to be surpised.

No luck thus far on jobs. To be expected, probably.


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