Spring Break!

Well, I survived the past week, despite the past 48 hours. Enough said about that; it’s done and I don’t care to think that much more about it. I’ll find out how the paper proposal went when the prof hands it back, andI’ll deal with it then.

I’m have second, third, hundredth thoughts about rewriting the Eden story from third to first. I like it in third, I really do, and I’m increasingly finding myself copy-pasting from the third person doc to the first person doc and just changing the pronouns because I like the way it’s written, too. I think I’m just avoiding actually sending it out, because I’m just too damn afraid it’ll get rejected.  *sigh*

So, goals for this spring break (might as well make the list, even if I never actually get half of them done)

1. Read book and do paper for other class

2. Finish Erikson’s series so I can move on to The Kindly Ones (I hate reading two entirely different kinds of books at once)

3. Run at least twice. And try to teach myself that I’m not a “bad person” if I don’t, or if I don’t eat right, etc.

4. Tidy up this shithole, because it’s gone from bad to disgraceful to whatever comes after disgraceful.

5. Get driver’s permit. Yay!

6. Finish typing up handwritten edit to Bloody Destiny, Book 1 of the Lost Years Quintet

Speaking of aforementioned quintet, as I was reading over the stuff for BD already typed, I wanted to amuse myself by going through part of the second book and reading some of  my favorite bits. So I go and open it up and…half of it is gone. Deep breath. I then go look through the folders for book 3-5. They’re *empty*. Now, I’m more or less rewriting the quintet, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to heavily rely on the stuff already written. So I trawl back to dead useless laptop (DUL) and boot it up with ubuntu, and transfer the applicable files onto thumb drive and come back to nice shiny new laptop (NSNL) and open it up. Books 4 and 5, hey presto, transferred right over. Books 2 and 3? Corrupted. So I go back to DUL and try again. Except somehow in the intervening 5 minutes I’ve managed to turn my thumb drive read only. Fuck knows how.  There’s a good side to this story, though. I emailed them all to me as I finished them. So they’re back and safe on NSNL, but now I’m too stressed and tense to do anything except sit here and mindlessly surf. At least I’ve got all freaking million words of it back. I can’t imagine actually *losing* all of that.


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