New Resolution: Actually Try to Blog Once In a While Seeing as I Have a Blog Sitting Here

Let’s see if we can do one blog a week and get into the habit of it.

So, I learned with some disappointment that Patrick Rothfuss’s new book won’t be coming out in April, so I can add that to the list of books-to-be-waited-for, along with George R R Martin. Looking forward to both of them, and for both of them I’d much rather have a good book than a quick book. Besides, I have Jonathan Littell’s “The Kindly One” as an ARC (*squee*) and I’m fairly sure that will take me a good deal of time to read. Beyond that, I’m re-reading (again) Steven Erikson’s Malazan Book of the Fallen, because I started to read Book 8 (Toll the Hounds) and I realized that I must have missed some crucial scene because there seemed to be a giant bit that I was missing. So, the re-reading. I want to actually know what’s going on when the 9th comes out (August, methinks). Alternately not doing enough reading and doing too much. I suppose it’d be nice if I could actually get into a rhythm, but I’m not holding my breath.

The writing is not going so well. Or rather, it’s not going much at all. I’ve recently decided that something would work a hell of a lot better in first person than third, which obviously necessitates re-writing. On the other hand, I might just be procrastinating so that I don’t have to deal with the horror of sending out queries and the fairly inevitable rejections. If I keep telling myself it needs more editing/rewriting/whatever, I can get out of it.

Still slogging away on 2YN, and no idea where that’s going to take me, if it’s going to lead to anything worthwhile or not. I think it’s probably too early to tell at this point, but so long as I’ve got the time, I don’t see any reason not to continue with it. At the very least, it gives me stuff to think about and potential ideas for the future.

I have been determinedly not thinking about Nano. It depends too much on what happens after I graduate. With a 9-5, according to my meticulous calculations it *should* still be possible for me to write a million words, but it would be really, really tough. If I have a job, that is. If I’m living at home with my parents, I may not be able to because it’s not the kind of thing they understand very well. I’ve got the barest idea of what I’d write about, but I’ll wait until at least this summer to do anything about it.

As for right now, I should be doing a bit of tidying up, then off to class, then home for Mom’s birthday this weekend.


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