Kate’s Horrifying List for 2009

1. Graduate with GPA of 3.2 or better
2. Find one of those job-things by the end of summer (at this point, in this economy, if it pays me money, that’s the job I want)
3. Learn Russian well enough that I can actually read in it (taking a course on that next semester, so we’ll see)
4. Start running at least 3 times a week
5. Get my own real apartment where my parents aren’t paying all the bills (hehe)
6. Get kitty (okay, this is a silly one, but I deserve a silly one)
7. Despite having above-mentioned “job”, write at least 500k next November (with the true goal being a million, but that’ll depend on the nature of this mystical job-thing)

So. No idea how many of the above are do-able. Of all of them, the first seems the most likely. I can probably even manage a kitty, given that I can get an apartment of my own, which is rather conditional on me getting a job.

Running three times a week is more a matter of willpower than anything else. I came home yesterday for Christmas break and discovered to my horror that I’ve managed to gain 10 pounds since Thanksgiving (no effing clue how), and I now weigh more than I ever have before and I really don’t like that.

Anyway, updates on this will be continued, with perhaps more goals added if those ones prove too difficult.


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