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This Summer

So it’s been a little while since my last post. I’ve been taking Arabic for a week and two days. Hardest language I’ve ever tried to learn, and that by and far includes Russian as well. It’s not just the right-to-left (though that’s taking some getting used to), and it’s not just the script (which as I’ve never properly learned cursive, was a pain), it’s the whole understanding – they don’t write short vowels, they only write the long ones, and the textbooks are the only place where they give you the fully “vocalized” word. And only once, because after the first time, they just expect you to have remembered. Class is four and a half hours a day, plus at least 5 hours at home trying to stay on track of things. The thing is, this 6 week class is supposed to cover an entire YEAR of Arabic. But I will persevere!



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