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The Looming Summer

So, classes are over for yet another semester (only two more to go, eep!), and my best semester yet, so good for me on that front. Still trying to figure out what to do for the coming semester, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually. I’ve still got months to go. So what’s up for me this summer?  Well, the honest truth is that I’m not sure yet. I’m waiting to hear back on an interview about teaching in DC for the summer. That would be majorly cool, if I get it. If not, then I’ll be taking an intensive arabic class here at school. It just sounds like a nice language to fill out the international relations resume – french, russian, arabic. Just sounds like I’ve got a good chunk of the world covered, especially the bits that are of immediate concern to the US. So, nifty. The problem is, classes start next Tuesday, but I won’t hear back from the interview-folk until next Thursday. Oh, the joy.

When it comes to writing, I’m buzzing about from project to project. I’m attempting (yet) another rewrite of the novel from hell, and I think it’s coming along as nicely as can be expected. It’ll never be a first novel, and I’ve come to expect that. Instead, I’m sort-of focusing my effort on Kuklos, having rewritten it to a more publishable length and now looking to start revising it and get things moving on that. All said and done, I’d like to be able to start sending out queries in the fall. I’m also busy worldbuilding for the coming Nano, and things are slowly starting to come together. At some point, I’ll get around to outlining them, but I’m not worrying about that just yet. There are still months to go. I’ve also got another idea for a fantasy novel(s) buzzing around in my mind, but it’s not even solid enough to put down any kind of summary as to what it might be, and so I’ll let it stew there for a while and see what comes from it, if anything.

Been reading a couple of really great fantasy books lately. Winterbirth, by Brian Ruckley, and Acacia, by David Anthony Durham. Both new trilogies, and both books that I’ll be following closely. The sequel to Winterbirth is out, but I need to work up the finances to afford it before I head on over to the bookstore. Both provide excellent company in the waiting for the next GRRM book. Which will supposedly be ready by the fall, but I don’t think anyone’s really holding their breath anymore.

In terms of other books, I’m currently reading an old classic, The Recognitions, by William Gaddis. I like long books, and this one’s huge. I’m also looking forward to Neal Stephenson’s new book, Anathem, coming out in the fall of this year. Another huge book for me to devour…though maybe I’ll save that as a reward for getting Nano done (though I’m hesitant to make myself promises or rewards because I think the whole concept is hugely daunting and I’m fairly bad at the whole reward concept anyway). Finally, the next Peter F. Hamilton novel in the Void Trilogy is coming out later this year in the UK, and I’ll have to see if I can get a copy of it from ebay before it wanders its way over to publication in the States.


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