*deep breath*

Okay. So I hit 500,000 this year. It was tough and I loved every minute of it. I was working until the night of the 29th finishing it.

But I want to raise the bar (see my goals somewhere in this forum).

So next November I want to write something between 750k and a million, I’m not sure how much just yet.

This November, the middle of the month I encountered quite a bit of wrist/hand pain. I worked through it and am fine now, but I like to blame the fact that I went from 0-150mph (figuratively) when it came to writing. I wasn’t doing that much before November and then I just shot to write 15-25k a day.

Thus, I need to have started preparing for this well in advance.

Laid out is my potential plan.

July 08 – 5000 words/day
August 08 – 10000 words/day
September 08 – 15000 words/day
October 08 – 20000 words/day


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  1. katesjc6189

    How do you write such huge amounts kateness? have you been practicing for months, years.3000 is maximum I can do. Do you think when you type out these words? yours curiously me

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