New Year’s Resolutions!

Now, while some people are already in 2008, I’m stuck in 07 for another 12 hours or so. And boy am I ending the year on a high note! (/sarcasm). I have got a stinking cold and have been up for most of last night trying to find some way to fall asleep. Really weird dreams, too, though that’s been more or less a constant lately (maybe another post on that later). Anyway, if I end the year badly, surely that means I get good things in the year to come, right? Right?

And I’m struggling to stay on schedule with my rewrite. Being at home with the family takes vast amounts of my time that would otherwise be occupied by writing. I’m used to sitting down and writing 5000-10000 in one giant stretch. Now I’m being forced to get down 500, or maybe 1000, before I’m called back downstairs to play this game or that game. I’m taking the day off today because I’m so sick that I can’t even summon up much energy to open the Word document. God knows how I’ll stay up another 12 hours. Alcohol, maybe.

So, new year’s resolutions.

1. Finish my rewrite, edit it and submit to at least ten agents/publishers

2. Get a summer internship

3. Find time/money to go to Texas to the boyfriend.

4. Others that I’ve not yet thought of as I’m too sick to think.

Happy New Years, all!


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