Out with the Old, In with the new?

Well, the end of finals is coming up (and right now I’ve got my psych textbook propped up next to me), and that means the beginning of Christmas break and oodles of free time. While there are other things I need to get done over break (broadly speaking, I need to learn all the Russian that I’ve neglected to learn over the past five semesters, and quite possibly do some boning up on economics…if I’m going to be a proper political science major, I should at least know the basics, right?), what I really wanted to get done was a good chunk of writing. The original plan was to re-write Kuklos, as it’s by far my favorite of my Nano projects and by far the one that I think I can turn into something publishable. I’ve even started a new outline for it, and was fully committed to getting it done.

Then something happened. I’d been letting people read what I affectionately call my novel-from-hell, the piece of work that has been plaguing me for so long it’s ridiculous. So, I got back a review from someone that had read it. It was harsh, but deservedly so. I’m far too attached to the damn thing to see the flaws, and it’s been hashed together from so many different sources that there are all kinds of random things shoved in there simply because they were there before and make very little sense in the present version.  Basically, it needs completely re-doing as well.

The question thus becomes, which of these two projects do I tackle? Do I go back to the old project that I’ve rewritten half a dozen times and see if this time it comes out better? Or do I go to the new one, the one that stands a hope in hell of being something decent, whereas I’m not entirely convinced the old one will ever be good enough for me? Agh, the choices.

On a completely unrelated note, I have discovered how much I love cryptograms. 😀


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  1. Sadey

    Good luck with finals! I finished mine and can now actually start reading the three you’re letting me read (Kuklos, Games of Mind and Sword and The Mortal Gods). -squee!-

    However, in response to your dilemma above… I think you should go with the older work. I think you named your reason why above too. You’re too attached. I’d give it more time, write other things, redo some of the ones you’ve already done that’s not that one, and then in several months come back to it. Maybe longer. Sometimes you need a lot of time away from something before you can see the flaws – and sometimes there are some projects that you just can’t get away from. But from the sounds of it, this one has already been rewritten several times… So it probably needs a really long break. Set those critiques aside right with it.

    I know you’re probably already tried the giving it lots of time deal, but thought I’d suggest it anyways. I’ve discovered it takes me at least 6 months before I can be critical with something really close to me. A year is better if I can force myself to drop it for that long. And that’s without touching it even in the slightest ways… no reading it, no looking at the file, no nothing. :-p Though that was with short stories… I wonder if it gets longer for me with novels? o.O

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