I love writing and I flatter myself that I’m fairly good at it, for a young person. Don’t get me wrong there.

But sitting down every day, day after day and writing 15,000-30,000 words almost every day for 30 days really took a lot out of me. By the last week, I was sitting there and forcing myself to get the words out, making ever more elaborate ploys to keep me writing. (At the beginning of the month, it was 500 every ten minutes or even 1000 every 15, which turned into 333 every 6, which turned into 250 every 10).

I’m used to setting grueling schedules for myself, writing-wise, but I have to say that 30 days of this was really far too much for me, especially as the proceeding months, I’d been doing very little writing, and certainly nothing at that kind of pace. That’s something I need to think about well in advance of next November, when I decide what my target is for next year.

Another thing I’m not going to miss – hand/wrist/arm pain. In the second week or so, I got extraordinary hand/wrist pain, which is why if you look at my stats, you see my wordcounts a lot lower that week than they were every other week. I bought wrist braces which are now somewhere on my desk. Over Thanksgiving, I worked without them and I’ve managed to strengthen my wrists/hands/arms through use rather than destroying them, apparently (as I’m typing this without any pain or difficulty). The last few days, I got occasional shooting pains, but I wrote an average of 25,000 every day for four days, so I suppose that’s to be expected. But as of now, no pain at all. So that’s good. I’d have been bummed more than words could describe if I’d ruined my wrists.

But I’ll miss it all the same. I’d never have pushed my way through to 500,000 if I hadn’t had something to give me a reason to. I’m pretty pleased with most of what came out, too, which is also a plus.

It’s why I’m glad there’s a Nanowrimo.



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3 responses to “TGIO?

  1. You are amazing. I was happy to reach 50K.

  2. Nicole

    I followed you here from the NaNo forums 🙂 . I was just wondering – how did you find the *time* to write so much?

  3. I want to read at least one of these someday.

    Re: typing pains — I used to get them. Then I switched to the Dvorak keyboard layout ( and they disappeared. The first week was brutal, but by the end of it I was up to 50 wpm (just by practicing with typing software every morning for an hour, and by forcing myself to type everything in Dvorak throughout the day). Now I can hit about 120 wpm on typing tests, and my accuracy is up from my QWERTY days (when I was typing about 90 wpm).

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